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Action “#We Remember”
Our School supported World Action  - International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is day of remembrance about innocent victims of the World War II, about exter...
Miras International School publishes MIRAS TIMES newspaper twice a year. Our school community is a creative family and our students, teachers and parents are in
/news/2018/11/ On December 11-13 the first Republican ITTU ROBOCON 2018 competition was held in Almaty. 26 teams from different cities of Kazakhstan took part i...
Student 5B Amirzhan Imanbai performed at the urban powerlifting championship (bench pressing) for youngsters aged 14 to 17 took the 3rd place. The school is pro

A concert, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Nursultan Nazarbayev Education Foundation

Charity Festival

Eastern Motifs

MYP Awarding  Ceremony

Wonders of Tianxia (All Under Heaven)

I love the wind of all cultures at my doorstep..... (Mahatma Gandhi)

International Basketball game at Miras

Chess Tournament

“Miras AlmaFest”

University Fair 2018

A UNESCO Associated School Festival - Peace on the Whole Earth-International Day of Peace.


Student Council Debates

The Opening of the Symphony of Peace and Kindness Artwork Exhibition

First Bell Ceremony 2018

Graduation Party

The Last Bell Ceremony

The Diploma Programme of Miras International School, Graduation-2018

Victory Day Assembly

Careers Day

PYP Grade 5 ‘Exhibition’


Whatever happens in life we should help others, especially when an ordeal falls to the lot of a child ... The best way to pay attention is to give children joy
Dear friends, As you know New Year is the time not only for receiving gifts, but also presenting them, at that sharing their warmth and kindness with others. Tr...