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On September 25 Miras Student Council organized an OPEN DISCO PARTY for students in grades 6-12. The main event of the evening was “Mr and Mrs Miras” contest. T...
The Primary School Student Council will start its activity on 4th of November.   The Student Council leads students’ activities in different areas: School even...
In September from 21 to 25 MIRAS celebrated the Week of Kazakhstan People’s Languages. Every year on 22 September our entire country marks the Day of Kazakhstan
The ceremony was attended by students, parents, teachers, alumni and school visitors. During the ceremony announcements were made about the primary dates of the...


Helping is easy!
In May and June 2015 our school hosted the following charity actions: In May Miras published the school newspaper “Miras Times” edited by Natalia Kenevich. As...
Sparkle of Hope
Miras supportsmany charities helping orphanages, boarding schools for children with special needs and those who suffer from oncological diseases.

Event announcement

Miras International School would like to invite you to attend “Miras Alemi” Festival which is celebrated as a part of the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Statehood.
Director's welcome

Dear students, parents and colleagues!

I kindly welcome you on our school website. "Miras" International school has been opened in 1999. It is the school in Kazakhstan, which has been authorized by International Baccalaureate Organization and accredited by Council of International Schools and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (USA). This status allows our graduates to have privilege when they enter Universities and colleges abroad, whereas IB DP graduates have the opportunity to be enrolled in best Universities all over the world without taking examinations. "Miras" School graduates receive internationally recognized documents about education (MYP Certificate or Record of Achievement after the G10 and IB Diploma after the G12). At the same time "Miras" school graduates receive State documents (Attestat and UNT Certificate) after the G11.

"Miras" is not only educational institute, but first of all it is an international community of students, teachers and parents, which represent a big friendly family with the basis of respectful attitude to different cultures, international mindedness and effective cooperation. Educational philosophy in our school is based on investigative approach, conceptual, holistic understanding of nature of all things and effective interaction.

Students are educated in three languages: Kazakh, English and Russian. We also support French, Chinese and other languages & Mother Tongues.

I wish to all of you to have a successful academic year.

Thank you for being with Miras.

Sincerely yours,
Irina R. Vlassyants,
Head of Miras International School, Almaty

Irina R. Vlassyants
Head of Miras International School, Almaty