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he choreographic group "Karamelki", led by Tatyana Vishnyova, participated in the international dance competition "Dance with All Your Soul", held at the Traditional Art Theatre "Alatau." Our talented dancers achieved the SUPER Grand Prix, as well as three first places and three Grand Prix awards!
We want to acknowledge the outstanding performance of the "Stars of Miras" group, composed of 4D grade students, who achieved first place.
In addition, for the first time, the ballet studio "Miras Dance Team" participated in the International Dance Competition "Dance with All Your Soul" in Dubai, UAE. The competition brought together participants from various countries, including Uzbekistan, India, Georgia, and the UAE.
Our young talents have won two grand prizes, three first places, and one second place.
We congratulate all the participants, their supervisor, and parents on their well-deserved awards. We express our gratitude for their hard work and talent, and wish them new creative successes and victories in the future!

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