The Club, “ROBOCON”

In the 2nd academic term there will be a new club called ROBOCON, but we have already started enrolling in it.

The Club, “ROBOCON”

The technological process changes the surrounding world at incredible speed, making us to change the approaches to children’s education. Robotics is the most perspective area among innovations.

It encourages to extend the scope of knowledge in mathematics, engineering and computer programming.

Also, the robotics study helps to unlock a child’s creative potential. S/he gets an opportunity to test, create something unusual and original with her/his own hands.

The child develops diligence and attentiveness. Exactly these qualities allow getting significant achievements in the area of robotics. The modern children are short of these qualities. Besides, this study helps to distract kids from unproductive pastime - being in the social network.

To be successful alone in robotics is almost impossible, so children learn to work in team. This will be very useful for their future.

However, robotics is not only interesting, but useful for children as well.

According to outstanding Soviet educator Vassily Sukhomlinsky - “the child’s mind is in his/her fingertips.” The robotics classes develop the fine motor skills. A child who has the well-developed fine motor skills, is able to think logically, to use memory, attention and coherent speech at a good level.

Arman Kemezhanov – the leader of the club, “ROBOCON.”

Arman is a 4th year student at IT International University (МУИТ) with majors, “Computers and Software.” The prize-winner of the first tournament, “IITU ROBOCON GAMES.” Since 2017, he has been a member of the national team in ROBOCON. A participant of the international robotics contest, “ABU Robocon 2017.”

A prizewinner and regular participant in the urban and national robotics competitions.

Arman has some experience as an IT-coach. His team has repeatedly won prizes in the contests, “Tech Cup,” the urban competitions, “Almaty Mayor Cup” as well as the tournament, “IITU Robocon” in Nur-Sultan.




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