Total Dictation

Total Dictation ― 2020: October 17 for the 17th time

On October 17, our schoolchildren Lika Tityuk (11A), Favziyahon Zulfikorova (11A), Sofia Lebedeva (10D), Irina Strikeleva (10D) took part in the event, “The Total Dictation”.

Total dictation is an annual event for everyone, regardless of age, nationality, education or social status. It shows that being literate is significant for all people. Studying the Russian language is not easy, but exciting and useful. The event unites all those who can or wants to speak Russian or write in it.

This year, the capital of the event is St. Petersburg. On October 17 in the Major Headquarters of the Hermitage, modern Russian writer Andrei Gelasimov, author of the Total Dictation, read his text for the participants of the event.

This time, the dictation was dedicated to Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, founder of the modern cosmonautics.

The results of the dictation will be announced on October 25, 2020.

We wish our students excellent results!







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