The Autumn Themes.

As part of the charitable action, “Acorn Autumn 2020”, the Class 6A students presented us the warm and juicy colors of autumn. In their paintings, squirrels jump cheerily, a kitten is sad, passers-by hide under umbrellas from the rain and big acorns are like three magic nuts. Exactly at this season of the year we are waiting for especial miracles before the fairy winter comes with its charms!




Kristina Emelyanova, Class 6A – “The squirrel’s joy.” 

Amaliya Tyrnova, Class 6A – “The rain. The street. The umbrellas”. 

Amaliya Tyrnova, Class 6A – “The prankster in the rain”. 

Doa-Sofia Özcan, Class 6A – “The autumn still-life”. 



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