Miras School invites the children to the Autumn Zoo


     On November 7, 2020, children from large, low-income, incomplete families from Almaty and the Almaty region, being under the auspices of the charitable foundation,Право на любовь” (Right to Love), visited the Almaty Zoo. This event based on the campaign, “Acorn Autumn-2020” organized by our school. The Miras students collected and handed 117 kilograms of acorns, nuts, seeds and dried fruits to the zoo. For these they were given 53 tickets to visit the zoo free of charge. The students presented the tickets to the Foundation children.

The children were happy with a visit to the zoo. The responses received from the parents from the Foundation’s what’s app group said: “Thank you very much for the trip. The kids have not been to the zoo for a long time. The older children did not expect that it would be so interesting for them, the younger ones actually screamed with delight! Many thanks for the pleasure our children had from visiting the zoo! The beautiful nature of the park, the renewed zoo charged the kids with positive energy at autumn holidays. Thank you very much to the sponsors, Miras International School, who have kindly provided the children of the foundation, “Право на любовь” with an opportunity to have a good sunny autumn day and to plunge into the world of wildlife.” These were the feedback from the parents of the Foundation children.

Once again we would like to thank the whole community of Miras International School and the Almaty Zoo for cooperation.


Let’s do good deeds together!

Zoo 1

Zoo 2

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