Keeping a healthy lifestyle in the First President Park

Keeping a healthy lifestyle in the First President Park

On November 12, the Grade 1 students from Miras visited the Park named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The children at lessons within the Programme of Inquiry are now learning the Unit, “Who we are” and get acquainted with the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

The teachers decided to show the kids that a park is a suitable place for those who are fond of a healthy way of life, walks and the nature.

The students saw people engaged in the park activities: jogging, bicycling, doing exercises, using sport facilities as well as family outings among the slender Tien Shan spruces and birches.

The guys themselves ran a race with pleasure, played outdoor games, tried the sport facilities and got much satisfied with doing physical exercises in the fresh air.

The children received a huge emotional charge from the nature of the park and its dwellers - the learners feasted eyes on squirrels, which appeared suddenly on spruce branches.

This is a real oasis of many alleys, greenery and fountains, with stunning views over the mountain peaks. It did not leave anyone indifferent, especially when all of them climbed to the observation deck and saw the park as an open terrain and the city at a distance.

The field trip generated positive emotions and impressions for the children!

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