International contest, “Living Classics”

In the late February, the students of Miras International School took part in the international contest, “Living Classics” for the first time. The children were to choose a prosaic passage from the classics of the 19th or 20th century and present it on stage. The guys’ performance was supposed to last 3 minutes. The contest was held online. After discussion the jury determined the four of our guys as the prize-winners of the Living Classics contest at the regional level: Ekaterina Lukashova - 11A - 1 place, Irina Strikeleva - 10D - 2 place, Eva Kurinova - 8A - 2 place, Lika Tityuk - 11A - 3 place.

Well done, guys!


Ekaterina Lukashova - 11A - 1 place


Eva Kurinova - 8A - 2 place

Irina Strikeleva - 10D - 2 place


Lika Tityuk - 11A - 3 place



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