Additional programms

Useful holidays – language education and summer vacations.

Every year “Miras” International School arranges Student Summer Language Courses which are taught in the language schools of the world. The purpose of the courses is to increase the level of English language proficiency, to study the culture of the country and to vacation. The school jointly with PTA has developed the Summer Language Courses Policy. The criteria used to select language centers and student guide programmes are as follows:

• Language courses are taught only at the authorized (licensed) school

• Lessons rate: 20-25 hours per week

• Certificates which reflect the learning outcomes must be awarded

• The schools must be situated in the capitals, beauty spots or historically important places

• Pure ecology and students’ safety

• Caring for students’ health, three-time meal, sports activities

• Responsible person/s (instructor/s) must be experienced in such kind of trips

The presentation of the all summer language programmes is conducted for parents in March/April.

Additional educational services

This year Department of Additional Educational Services has been established at Miras International School. The courses offered promote development of students' creative skills and are aimed to improve children's health under the guidance of professional coaches.

The Department invites students to join the following courses:

  • Singing and pop singing
  • Kazakh, French and English
  • Choreography
  • Piano
  • Playing Guitar
  • Arts
  • Swimming
  • Karate
  • Football
  • Tennis
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