Twenty-eight schoolchildren received grants to study in secondary schools of Miras International Schools in the 2023-2024 academic year.

A grant competition was held for the period from February to May 2023. More than 180 students entering the 10th and 11th grades of Miras schools took part in it.
The Halyk Charity Fund and the NNEF Education Fund provided 100%, 50% and 30% grants. The competition aims to give children from state schools an opportunity to get an education in the prestigious Diploma Programme ІВ.

Students from Aktau, Atyrau, Pavlodar, Astana, Almaty and Zhambyl regions took part in the testing. They showed readiness and aspiration to receive a quality education.
After the competition, 28 participants who showed the best results in the competitive examination received grants.

100% grant for the next academic year at Miras International School Almaty received:

Yerkebulanuly Yersultan, 11 ІВ grade
Bekeyeva Zhansaya, 11 ІВ grade
Amir Tulegenov, 11 ІВ grade

In the Miras International School in Astana grants were awarded to:

Aytasova Nazira, DP-1
Zhaksygalieva Sayazhan, DP-1
Zhaksygalieva Aida, DP-1
Kusayin Muhammad, DP-1
Serikkali Abdrakhman, DP-2

We are pleased to congratulate the following candidates on receiving a 50% grant to study at the Miras International School in Almaty:

Kim Yevgeniya, 11 ІВ grade
Serikkali Danyal, 11 ІВ grade
Abilov Timur, 11 ІВ grade
Imanbaev Amirzhan, 10 RTS
Ospanova Tomiris, 10 ETS
Miras International School Astana:
Seitenova Adiya, DP-1
Ilyasov Ansar, DP-1
Sharip Aldiyar, DP-1
Amanzhol Aisana, DP-2

30% grants from the NNEF Foundation to study at the Miras International School in Almaty were awarded to:

Amirbai Togzhan, 11 ІВ grade
Yugai Victoria, 11 ІB grade
Utyashev Mikhail, 11 ІВ grade
Smagulova Dana, 11 ІВ grade
Trebisov Nikolay, 11 ІВ grade
Bayemirova Zhizel, 11th grade
Polina Stremskaya, 10th grade
Berikov Danial, 10th grade
Rustamova Esmira, 10th grade
Sultanova Yasmin, 10th grade
Shalabayev Zhangirkhan, 10th grade

Miras schools are accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS). This status allows graduates to open doors to top universities and colleges worldwide. We are proud of your successes and want to support you on the way to your dreams. We sincerely believe in you and your potential and will strive to help you achieve excellence in education.
We wish you bright success in your studies!


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