Concerts dedicated to International Women's Day on the 8th of March

Concerts dedicated to International Women's Day on the 8th of March.
She is the source of life on earth,
she has no the slightest flaw,
and she is the example of kindness-
my beloved, dear mother. (Alexey Kalinin)

These words about mothers sound in the soul of every student of Miras school! Therefore, on the eve of the holiday, all kindergarten and pre-school children and students of 1-4th grades want to do something special, good and pleasant for their dearest people.
On March 6 and 7, our school held concerts and concert programmes dedicated to the International Women's Day. The 8th of March was a great opportunity for the children to show their talents and bring joy to their families. The children sang songs, recited poems about their mothers and grandmothers, danced, played various games, etc. The holidays certainly brought an atmosphere of springtime joy and happiness to Miras.

Dear, precious and beloved mothers and grandmothers!
We warmly congratulate you on the beautiful holiday on the 8th of March!
We wish you a spring mood,
many flowers and smiles, the warmth and care of your loved ones!
On this joyous day, may you be surrounded by the people closest to you
and may your eyes shine with happiness as often as possible!
Love and be loved!

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