Cost of School Uniform

Dear parents!

A mandatory set of the school uniform from the company “GLAZMAN” can be purchased in their shop at the mall, “Dostyk Plaza”. “Dostyl Plaza” is situated on 111 Dostyk Avenue the corner Zholdasbekov St., Samal 2 microdistrict.

We present you information about the range and cost of the basic set of school uniforms from the company "GLASMAN":

Assortment of the school uniforms and the cost of the main set in the “GLAZMAN” store

Name of product



Trousers for a boy


10 000 tenge.

Trousers for a girl


10 000 tenge

Knitted vest


8 500 tenge.

Knitted pullover


8 500 tenge

Jacket for a girl with a logo and branded buttons 



18 000 teng

 20 000 tenge

Blazer (jacket) for boys, with a logo and branded buttons



19 000 teng

 20 000 tenge

Skirt plaid


9 000 tenge

Sarafan (Sundress) plaid


15 000 tenge

Dear Parents, We’d like to pay attention that the school uniform is obligatory for students from grade1 to grade 12.

This year at the Joint meeting the School Administration and PTA has made a decision to expand the basic set of the school uniforms and include into the set: polo with short/long sleeves and bomber.

In addition, a PE sport uniform is a compulsory for students of grades 1-11

Polo, bomber and PE sport uniform will be produced by “ENDEAVOR” LLP. The form will be made of high quality material, which retains its appearance for a long time and meets the sanitary standards. The schools colors (blue and yellow) are used in the design of uniform

Assortment of the school uniforms and the cost of the main set of the «ENDEAVOR»LLP:

Name of product with description


bazed on size



Polo with short sleeves

Lycra piqué fabric, 93% cotton, 78% lycra

Sizes 116-152 –

 4 800 teng

Sizes 158-182 –

 5 500tenge


 Polo with long  sleeves

Lycra piqué fabric, 93% cotton, 78% lycra

Sizes 116-152 –

 5 600 tenge

Sizes 158-182 –

  6 400 tenge

Bomber with a zipper without a hood

Fabric footer

3 strands unbrushed,

85% cotton, 15% polyester

Sizes 116-152-

10416 tenge

Sizes 158-182 –

12 200 tenge


T-shirt oversize for PE classes (secondary school grades)

Fabric - 100% micro polyester. Fully sublimated T-shirt


T-shirt for PE classes (primary school grades). Suprem fabric cotton 100%


Dear parents, please pay your attention that «ENDEAVOR» LTD operates under pre-payment conditions.

Every day, from 8am till 5pm, Marina Shkomada, the heard of the warehouse, accepts payments for the uniforms. The warehouse is in the basement of the Secondary school building.

If you have any questions, please, contact the school administration.


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