Acorn Autumn-2020

Dear friends,

From October 19 to 30, there will be a charity event, “Acorn Autumn-2020 in this school.

The purpose of this action is to collect acorns and nuts for the zoo pets. It will run for two weeks. During the autumn holidays, every schoolchild can go to the urban parks to collect acorns.

On October 26 - the first day of the second term, the kindergarten, preschool and Grade 1-4 students may bring acorns to the school collecting point.

The Grade 5-12 students should bring acorns on Friday, October 30. The venue is a school parking lot on Al-Farabi Avenue at 12.00 to 13.00. On this day, the representatives of the School Student Council will take all the harvest to the Almaty Zoo.

In addition to acorns, you can bring seeds (not fried), nuts and dried fruits.

The charity event does not end with that. For every 3 kg of acorns, the Zoo Administration gives a free ticket to the zoo. According to the good tradition, we will hand these tickets over to the pupils of the orphan asylum, “Solnyshko”.

Let's do good deeds together!


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