The Lesson, “Rendezvous with a Doctor.”

The Lesson, “Rendezvous with a Doctor.”


At present, at the lessons of World Cognition the Grade 3 students are inquiring the human body and its systems. At lesson, the children drew the human body and made the models of different body systems and organs. Through experiments, they learned how some systems and organs function.

After the study of the unit, the guys will make up a brochure about the human body, its different systems and organs. The children will approach the work in a creative way, showing their individuality.

To extend the understanding of the structure of their own body and body systems, the Grade 3 teachers arranged an appointment with doctor Aiman Sarsenova - mother of Grade 3C student Zhaniya Sarsenova,

The doctor made an interesting presentation about all the body systems. Ms. Aiman brought to the meeting a microscope, a stethoscope, a skeleton model, a device for measuring blood oxygenation (saturation) - a pulse oximeter. It is very relevant nowadays. The guys had an opportunity to deal with these devices.

Ms. Aiman organized role-playing games, “Doctor-Patient”, “Laboratory Research”, in which both the children and teachers took an active part.

At the end of the meeting, the guys could ask interesting questions on the inquiry unit arisen in the process of their work.

The meeting was very interesting and exciting. It enlarged the students’ mind and academic knowledge.

After completing the inquiry unit, the students will understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the human body and all its systems.

Also, the guys can share their knowledge about how important to keep a healthy lifestyle for the human body with other students of the school. They will tell about healthy eating, sports activities and morning exercises to Grade 1st students.

PYP coordinator and

the Grade 3 teachers.

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