Think about the future – choose Miras

  IMG 6271 1   I joined Miras International School in 2014 and got enrolled into Grade 10 MYP. Coming from a Russian   public school and speaking English at my extracurricular classes only, I was afraid that I would not be able    to catch up to my peers. At that time, I did not know that Miras had and still has an incredible support system that stimulated my growth and helped me realize my potential to the fullest extent. The knowledgeable and caring teachers, the attentive administration, and a wonderful student community - all these things made the challenging IB Diploma Programme enjoyable adventure and discovery. My love for learning, as well as the attitudes I developed in school, fueled my university success. Now I proudly stand as a Biochemistry Honours graduate of a world-class university (UBC - The University of British Columbia, which is ranked among TOP 50 World Universities).  I eagerly look forward to a lifetime of research and discovery that began in Grade 10 biology classes. I’m honoured to call myself a Miras IB DP graduate.

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