Miras International School congratulates the veterans on the holiday!

Miras International School congratulates the veterans on the holiday!

Today we live in a peaceful time. We have lots of fantastic opportunities to make our lives the way we want them to see. Everyone can get educated and find a job to their liking. We can breathe freely and be proud of our country. All this is possible only thanks to the Great Victory which was gained by our people in the Great Patriotic War in 1945.

For three weeks the entire school community participated in challenges, events and promotions dedicated to this bright and significant event.

The students recited poems about the war, spoke about their relatives who fought at the frontline and worked on the home front; secondary school students took part in the action “Dictation of Victory”.

Teachers and staff initiated and supported action “Potpourri. The songs about the war years”. 

Having been vastly supported by the school’s PTA, our school community arranged a charity to help the veterans of the GPA. Twenty-eight veterans have received material assistance. All of them say a big hello to our school community and are grateful to you for your attention, flowers and congratulations. We are very glad that during the quarantine these respected Almaty residents were not left without attention. Besides, we managed to say thanks for this Victory and help those who are the real keepers of the memory of the war – the veterans of the war and home front workers.


“Our memory is made up of our individual memories and our collective memories. The two are intimately linked. And history is our collective memory. If our collective memory is taken from us - is rewritten - we lose the ability to sustain our true selves.” (Haruki Murakami)


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