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The Diploma Programme 2021 graduates of Miras International School Almaty once again backed up a high quality of the education to enter the best universities around the world.

Our student Adelina Shin scored 42 points, which is an excellent achievement! This is only three points less than the maximum possible - 45.

Another achievement that will glad the Miras teachers is Alisher Mirmanov’s 40 points.

Such results became possible thanks to the deep academic knowledge, high thinking skills and motivation to achieve the best outcomes that the students gain within the Diploma Programme. Besides, they have well-developed skills for self-management, critical thinking, hardworking, persistence and incredible diligence. All these qualities allow them to compile the programme “Approaches to Learning”, which is an important part of the Diploma programme.

During their study, these students became the winners of different national and international contests and competitive projects. The best results of Adelina and Alisher are an epic win of the school because the guys have been learning at Miras from the first Grade! It should be mentioned that only 8% of the Diploma Programme graduates around the world score 40 points and above. Such a high result is a guarantee to enter the best world universities.

The rest of our graduates have also worked hard for two years and shown very good academic achievements: an average point is 35. These outcomes gave them an opportunity to enter the leading universities of the UK, USA, Kazakhstan and other countries: King’s College London, University of Exeter, University of California, Berkeley, University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, City University of London, University of Birmingham, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, James Cook University Singapore and KIMEP.

That is great, guys, because you have provided one more occasion to be proud of our graduates!

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