Nauryz International Fest 2021


Nauryz International Fest 2021

With the bright sun shining and renewed life coming, Nauryz, the personification of goodness, spring and purity, comes to our country.  On April 16, our school hosted Nauryz. The school held a variety of events dedicated to the holiday of spring.

The Student Council invited everyone to be dressed in different national costumes. The Council’s initiative was supported by the entire school community!

National games, outdoor drawing competitions, poetry recitals and a lot of other events were held during the Homeroom hour. Traditionally, the 11th grade students planted trees along the alley of graduates. The Primary School students kept up with the Secondary School students and, within the framework of the programme “Inquiry”, the 2nd grade students carried out the action “Plant a tree”.

Everybody was in good spirits, the day was amazing!

The school student body, The Student Council did not forget those who need our care. The Student Council initiated the charity action to help Anna Ivanova, who suffers from a serious disease. This charity action has been held for 5 years already. We’re grateful to everyone for their support and help. We particularly thank the parents of A grade who help Anna on an ongoing basis and, have donated more than 200 000 tenge this time. The 11th IB grade students have donated 50 000 tenge to Anna. The charity action is in progress until the end of next week.

Let’s do good deeds together!

“Respect for our elders, care for others and mercy, give us the divine right to be called a person/human being”

(P Kviyatkovskii)

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