Miras is proud of its graduates

Miras is proud of its graduates

    We have gotten great news today! Graduate of our school, Aibike Bekmukhambetova, has finished Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC), A-Level programme with three A * in such subjects as physics, biology and mathematics! CSFC is ranked #1 in UK for A-Level results! Having the high scores, Aibike entered the best educational establishments of England: Imperial College London, University College London, Queen Mary University, Royal Holloway University, University of Westminster, as well as some of the best universities in America - New York University and University of Miami. Aibike always wanted to dedicate herself to medical science, so she has chosen Applied Biomedical Sciences at UCL.

    Aibike’s parents express their deep gratitude to the teachers and staff of the school for the excellent knowledge gained at Miras and for the development of a successful student’s skills. We, in turn, congratulate Aibike and her parents on the excellent results! Aibike, we are proud of you and we are sure there will be new victories and achievements in your future, as you are a model of dedication and diligence!

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