The outcomes of the diploma programme 2020

We are happy to inform about the excellent results of the IB DP 2020 students.


First, Darina Mamyrova has scored 42 points, which are an outstanding achievement! This is only three points less than the maximum possible score - 45. Darina has advanced intellectual abilities. She is motivated, hardworking and single-minded to reach the best outcome. Well done, Darina, it’s a fantastic result!!


Another achievement that makes the Miras Diploma programme teachers to be proud is Karim Nazerke’s 41 points. Nazerke is good at self-management and diligence. She can be rightly proud of her result!

We take great pride in every 2020 IBDP student who has also shown very good results and been awarded with the International Baccalaureate Certificate!

The graduates of 2020, you are super! You leave a bright trace in the Miras history. The future generations of the Diploma Programme students can take you for a model!

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